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WOBE-MUGOS 100/40/40MG GRAG 60

Name: WOBE-MUGOS 100/40/40MG GRAG 60

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Price: 187.22

Product Description

Wobe-Mugos ®

Enteric-coated Tablets

Enzyme fibinolítico for
treatment of inflammations
chronic and degenerative

(Proteolytic enzymes)

And dosage form:

Each enteric coated tablet contains:


100 mg (270 U.I.)


40 mg (1.740 U.I.)


40 mg (12,000 U.I.)

INDICATIONS: Wobe-Mugos ® is a fibrinolytic enzyme useful in inflammatory processes and chronic degenerative diseases in general.

For the treatment of viral infectious processes caused by the varicella zoster.

Pharmacokinetics: The absorption of macromolecular substances in intact seemed impossible until recently. However, with the advancement of highly specific methods of analysis has been possible to verify the absorption of enzymes and other macromolecular substances from the gastrointestinal tract to the bloodstream or lymph vessels in qualitative and scientifically verifiable. In fact, a way of showing that absorption of the therapeutic effect is achieved by his administration.

It must be recognized that the methodology for the analysis of the absorption of these compounds is difficult because one must take into account the potential role of endogenous factors, exogenous and pharmacological in determining these values. That is why testing radiolabelled enzymes (Seifert, 1979; Steffen, 1979) show absorption
macromolecular complexes that may correspond to the hydrolases contained in the formulation of Wobe-Mugos ®.

Another way to demonstrate the absorption of enzymes is to determine the hydrolytic activity of plasma before and after oral administration of an enzyme preparation as Wobe-Mugos ®, a situation evidenced by Kleine, 1993. With the above can show the following ranges of absorption: amylase, 44% bromelain, 39%, chymotrypsin, 16% pancreatin, 19%, 7% papain, trypsin, 28% routine, 10%. Although apparently low, the pharmacological activity obtained justifies his administration.

Once absorbed, the enzymes bind to the antiprotease alpha-1-antitrypsin and a-2 macroglobulin, which prevents the patient's immune system recognizes the enzymes as antigens, without this meaning that inhibit the enzyme activity. In fact, these complexes have antiprotease-enzyme demonstrated pharmacological activity.

Enzymes absorbed are eliminated via the liver or the mononuclear phagocytic system. Some studies also assumed that the absorbed enzyme could be eliminated in the pancreatic juice.

The mechanism of action of enzymes in the process inhibit the inflammatory reaction seems excessive, contributing to the degradation of plasma proteins that invade the interstitial space during acute inflammation, facilitating their elimination from the blood or lymph system.

It also seems to participate in the elimination of inflammatory mediators such as bradykinin, which depolymerizes and removed. Finally, it appears that the enzymes also help break down and eliminate the "blanket" of fibrin formed at the site of inflammation. With the above, it makes the inflammatory edema is reabsorbed more quickly and the edema is reduced and disappears. This achieves a restoration of the microcirculation, thus removing the products is faster and more efficiently, achieving also a very significant pain and discomfort of the patient.

Hypersensitivity to the components of the formula.

PRECAUTIONS: Because you can expect a fibrinolytic activity of the enzyme preparation, caution is advised in patients with anticoagulant treatment.

It has established its safety in children. If deemed necessary use in these patients, the benefits should be weighed.

Use in Pregnancy and Lactation to date have not demonstrated teratogenic or embryotoxic effects of Wobe-Mugos ®. Like any medication use during pregnancy and breastfeeding is the responsibility of the physician.

Adverse Reactions: Rarely, there have been allergic reactions, which disappear upon discontinuation of treatment.

In some patients have reported an increase in symptoms at baseline and this must be interpreted as positive and should not be discontinued for Wobe-Mugos ®.

In isolated cases have been reported to Wobe-Mugos ® may cause a change in odor, color and / or consistency of stool.

DRUG INTERACTIONS AND OTHER GENDER: No observations have been reported
clinical interaction Wobe-Mugos ® with
drugs to justify the level scan
experimental. However, in patients under anticoagulant therapy must be justified security Wobe-Mugos ®.

CHANGES IN RESULTS OF LABORATORY TESTS: Not recommended Wobe-Mugos ® function tests prior to pancreatic or intestinal absorption.

The absorption of Wobe-Mugos ® can reduce the recalcification time and euglobulin lysis.

Using Wobe-Mugos ® may increase the thromboplastin time and partial thromboplastin time in patients with post-thrombotic syndrome.

Some studies have reported that the use of WOBEMUGOS ® may lower blood viscosity and erythrocyte aggregation in some patients.

PRECAUTIONS IN RELATION TO EFFECTS OF CARCINOGENESIS, MUTAGENESIS, Impairment of Fertility: In studies have found no carcinogenic effects, mutagenic, teratogenic or on fertility attributable to the use of Wobe-Mugos ®.


Herpes zoster: Once diagnosed, treatment is initiated with a dose of Wobe-Mugos ® consisting of 5 tablets half an hour before the ingestion of food, 3 times a day. This treatment will continue until the pain subsides or until crust formation.

The following provide 2 tablets half an hour before the ingestion of food, 3 times daily until the rash disappears.

An important situation of treating herpes zoster with Wobe-Mugos ® is that treatment should begin preferably in the prodromal stage.


Wobe-Mugos ® has been a large number of studies on its toxicity and the results are as follows: failed to determine the median lethal dose (LD50) Wobe-Mugos ® administered orally, including the dose of 15 g / kg (representing the administration of 3.750 tablets in one shot).

Managing Wobe-Mugos ® long term suggested dosage has not manifested in signs or symptoms of toxicity.


Box of 60 tablets.

Box of 200 tablets.

RECOMMENDED STORAGE: Store at room temperature to no more than 30 ° C.


Exclusively for medical literature. Keep out of reach of children. Its sale requires a prescription.